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Global Youth Short Film Competition


Global Youth Short Film Competition is jointly organized by the Macao Aollyhood Youth Creative Center, the Aollyhood Film Directors Association, and the Aollyhood Film Actors Association. It aims to create an international first-class short-film display,and a platform to  exchange, compete and discover talented new filmmakers. What is more ,it will reward outstanding directors and creative teams, and invite them to settle in Aollyhood Youth Creative Center, so as to promote Chinesx further development of the film industry. The Organizing Committee of the Nezha Youth Short Film Conference collects original short film works that meet the requirements from young filmmakers and television enthusiasts from across the Taiwan Strait and around the world.

SAIC Volkswagen Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition Launches Call for Entries

On 27 December, in order to establish a quality platform for global youth video production, SAIC Volkswagen, together with the Aollywood Film Workers Association, Aollywood Youth Creativity Center and Nezha Youth Film Group, announced at the World Film Industry Conference in Los Angeles that Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition will be launched worldwide on 1 January 2023. The theme of the event is "Exploring the Future of Youth Image with young creators from the perspective of short films".


According to the introduction, the Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition consists of four categories: "Global Film Story Idea Competition", "Global Youth Short Film Competition", "Global Mobile Short Film Competition for Middle School Students” and "Global Youth Short Film Venture Market". This year's competition will adhere to the creative spirit of "Mark Our Marks”, allowing the grassroots to become the mainstream of creation, and strive to become the "Oscars" of the world's short film industry. The Global Youth Short Film Competition is open to young filmmakers, college students, middle school students and film enthusiasts to collect original film stories and short films of 5 to 18 minutes in length, encouraging more young creators to use portable devices such as mobile phones as tools to participate and mark their inner emotions and thoughts on current social life, individual values, humanistic spirit, and technological development through innovative cinematic expressions and narrative techniques within a duration of no more than 18 minutes.


Predictably, with the advent of the short video era, the World Film Industry Conference has put forward the concept of 18-minute short films. The launch of Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition provides an opportunity for global young film lovers to become professional filmmakers!



In an era of short videos, WFIC insists on standing with creators, and supports and helps creators to mark and express with practical actions. From now on, creators can register on the official website of the World Film Industry Conference to apply for films. The application is open to young people around the world aged 15 to 40 years old, who born between January 1, 1983 to December 31, 2007. The deadline of the application is February 28, 2023.Youth who meet the above age requirements are eligible to enter. All entries must be original and can be produced by more than one creator. Meanwhile, there are five awards including Special Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award and Excellence Award for Global Film Story Idea Competition, Global Mobile Short Film Competition for Middle School Students, Global Youth Short Film Venture Capital Market. In addition to the above five awards, there are also the Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Art and other awards in the Global Young Short Film Competition. The conference set up different levels of bonuses for the Special Award, Gold Award and Silver Award of the four main competition categories.


As a non-profit neutral organization, the World Film Industry Conference, headquartered in Macau, aims to establish an international platform for world film connectivity and a community of shared future for the global film industry. The goal of WFIC is to create a major global film and television event in the post-COVID-19 era. All members of WFIC are committed to promoting the development of the film and television industry, building Bridges between the East and the West, enhancing mutual learning and sharing between the peoples and cultures, and creating a "Davos Forum" in the field of world culture.

Hai-ge Wang, the founding Chairman of the World Film Industry Conference; Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the California House of Representatives; Rob Minkoff, a famous Hollywood producer and the director of The Lion King; William Mundell, a Hollywood film producer; Gordon Williams, the 7 times winner of Grammy Award; Elizabeth Daley, the dean of USC School of Cinematic Arts; Bill Hilary, former CEO of BBC America; Brian Kite, the dean of UCLA Theatre, Film and Television School; Susan Ruskin, the dean and Executive Vice President at the American Film Institute; Frederico Lapenda, the Jury President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival; Omar Kaczmarczyk, a famous Hollywood actor and producer; Bill Mechanic, former Academy Award President; Arthur Sarkissian, a Hollywood actor and producer of "Rush Hour" series; Fredric Golchan, a Hollywood producer; Sherwood Hu, a famous Chinese director; Allen Yang, the Executive Director of FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality of Department of EECS, University of California-Berkeley; Zhen-ying Liu, the Secretary general of Science and Technology Promotion Center of World Film Industry Conference and many other famous film producers, directors, experts and scholars attended the World Film Industry Conference. It can be regarded as the largest international scale, the most comprehensive discipline and the most representative top conference in film academia.


Entry Kit


I. Global Film Story Idea Competition Categories


1. The film story created after 1 January 2022 that has not been published and must be original;


2. 1500-2500 words or less;


3. Submitted in English;



II. Global Youth Short Film Competition Categories


1. Regardless of the genre, entries can be applied by the director and producer of the short film;


2. The short films applied for the competition are live-action short films or animated short films produced after 1 January 2020;


3. The runtime of the short film has to last as maximum 18 minutes;


4. The short films that have not been publicly shown or distributed in other places, including but not limited to: television networks, video on demand, DVDS and online platforms;


5. Preference will be given to films that have not been submitted to any other Competitive Specialized Feature Film Festivals certified by the International Federation of Film Producers Association;


6. The short films should be in unencrypted DCP or unencrypted 24 fps/48 fps digital HD format, and meet the relevant sound and picture projection requirements.



III. Global Mobile Short Film Competition Categories for Middle School Students


1. The entries should be mobile short films produced after 1 January 2022.

2. Mobile short films that have not been submitted to any other Competitive Specialized Feature Film Festivals certified by the International Federation of Film Producers Association.

3. The runtime has to last as maximum 18 minutes, opening title and closing credits included.



. Global Youth Short Film Venture Capital Market Categories


1. Scope of the call for projects: production of film projects


2. The feature-length film has a complete script that can be filmed. A one-sentence overview of 100 words or less, a story outline of 5000 words or less and a complete script should be provided;

3. The film has not yet started shooting and has not yet completed all financing activities

4. Preference will be given to projects that have not been involved in other film markets or venture capital activities

5. The film project should have the potential to be released in cinemas or non-cinema channels, and have commercial or artistic value.


V. Requirements of Entries Submitted

1. Entries should qualify for the theme of the competition, exploring the future of youth images with young creators in the form of short films. Entries should have a distinct theme, full of emotion, positive ideological connotation, with strong appeal and high communication value.

2. The original film of the entries should be produced between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2022, with a runtime of less than 18 minutes.


3. Entries should be provided in the following format requirements:


(1) The original film of the entries should contain the complete opening title and closing credits, and the closing credits should contain the information of all crew members. The format of original film should be AVI, MOV or MP4 HD data file with a resolution of not less than 1080P, Chinese-English subtitles and stereo audio.


(2) Posters should be provided with JPG image files with DPI of at least 150. Horizontal poster resolution not less than 1920×1080, vertical poster resolution not less than 770×1080.


(3) Participants should submit stills, individual photos or group photos 5 each in JPG format with resolution no less than 1920×1080.


(4) Other documents such as trailers or video clips may be submitted together if available.


(5) Place the above documents in order in the folder named after the short film, and provide a link to the network disk for no less than 30 days.


4. Commitment to participation


The entries should have complete rights without any defects or restrictions. If any legal disputes such as copyright infringement are involved, all consequences and legal liabilities arising therefrom should be borne by the participant.



VI. Activity Process


1. The call for entries is from 1 January to 28 February 2023;


2. Event website will announce the shortlisted entries on 10 March 2023;


3. On 30 March 2023, Nezha Youth Short Film Conference will be held to communicate with well-known film and television experts from Aollywood and gain more cooperation opportunities;


4. The Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition Awards Ceremony will be held on 31 March 2023.


The official website of the Aollywood Global Youth Short Film Competition:

Information about the event is subject to the announcement on the official website.