World Film Industry Conference
Conference Declaration

Faced with the new trends of mobilization, socialization, visualization and intelligence in the field of international communication, how does the world film industry should examine the challenges faced by regional economic and social development. Also, we should recognize the importance of forging a vision of a community of shared future for the world film industry on those issues and further recognize the importance of continued efforts to enhance interdependence and economic integration in the region. We firmly believe that dialogue, coordination and cooperation between countries in the world will further consolidate and deepen the cultural and economic ties of film and television between regions of the world and increase trade and investment between regions of the world. The World Film Industry Conference and the Summit of 18 Leaders were proposed under this background.

The World Film Industry Conference is guided by the following vision, mission and strategy:


Sharing benefits and co-governance, leading the future, striving to make the World Film Industry Conference a high-level global non-political conference, and promoting the realization of the development goals of the world film industry through the further integration of regional economies.  


To achieve the above prospects, the Conference will endeavour to:

To provide a high-level dialogue platform for government officials, business leaders in the film and culture field, and renowned scholars to enhance and deepen investment linkages, promote the establishment of partnerships, and clarify their respective perspectives in addressing emerging global challenges. To enhance mutual understanding among the world's cross-cultural, and enhance the sense of social responsibility of various regional groups. To create a favorable environment to strengthen the harmonious and symbiotic relationship of the world's business groups in their quest for growth and progress, so that achieve the sustainable development of world cinema. Cultivate and enhance the concept of a community of shared future for world cinema to increase investment opportunities between regions in the process of globalization. Provide intellectual support for global talent training and exchange, and important research activities in various regions of the world.


To accomplish the above missions, the conference will adopt the following strategies:

1. Regularly hold various conferences, such as forum conferences, seminars, symposiums and lectures, to discuss major issues in the fields of audio-visual technology, film capital, intellectual media, screenwriting and other fields.

2. Stimulate the initiative of film and television related institutions in various countries and regions, and strengthen the cooperative partnership between the state and enterprises in the field of film and television.

3. Grasp the global and regional development trends that may affect the development of film and television culture in various countries.

4. Identify various problems that may arise at any time that may affect the development of the film industry, release relevant information, and provide suggested solutions.

5. Independently and cooperatively carry out various research activities that contribute to the realization of the purpose of the conference.

6. Utilize research institutions to enhance the management and innovation capabilities of world film business institutions and groups.